Room disinfection COVID-19 (hydrogen peroxide)

Automated system for periodic environmental disinfection of hotel rooms

We make the "Automated AHP" system available to our clients "Automate AHP(by Saniswiss), a powerful solution for the complete disinfection of hotel rooms after every departure. It turns a tedious and manual task into an easy operation that can be carried out by the room staff themselves.


Guarantee your guests a safe and comfortable stay.

After returning to the "new normality", we will have to take extreme precautions and put everything in our hands to guarantee the safety of our guests. With "Automate AHP" we will have the peace of mind of offering a totally safe and virus-free room.


from one room to the other

Small and light portable unit (Only (7.8 x 15 x 21 in and 21,60lbs), they make it perfect to transport from one room to another in the same service cart. 


Activate and keep on working

Just press a button and in just 30 minutes we will have a fully disinfected medium-sized room that will be ready to use after just 45 minutes.

Easy to use

Safe and easy

Simple to use unit that allows to be managed by the room staff in complete safety and without risks for the employee.

High efficiency

Guaranteed efficacy

Effective against a wide range of pathogens incl. viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, spores, and MDR superbugs. Active as a TP2 biocide system. including the Covid19