5 doubts when digitizing labels

electronic labels

We are sure that the digital labeling is the change you need. We understand that there are many doubts about it, but today we are going to clear them up.

All directors ask the same questions –What are the electronic labels going to do for me??

Taking into account not only the obvious time saving, since the menu wheel is configured and programmed only once and then everything works automatically, cost savings is also significant.

It is a solution that not only adds value to the guest, but also helps save staff time. And we know that – time is money.


In this article we have highlighted the 5 main questions that our potential customers ask us.

As with all digital projects, full knowledge, asking all questions, and trusting the provider is extremely important. For this reason, we clear up these doubts and assure you that this investment has a quick return.


The best example is the hotel chain Princess Hotels & Resorts, which started with us digitizing the buffet labeling in one hotel and ended up digitizing all the hotels in the chain.

Why? Because of the easy implementation, the simplicity of the software and the guest feedback.

5 doubts when digitizing buffet labeling

1. Adaptation to the structure of the buffet

Labels are not only a sustainable solution, but also add a touch of elegance to buffets. They are available in different sizes, colours and designs and fit perfectly into the interior design of restaurants.

In addition, we offer different types of carriers that allow us to place the label in a strategic location in the guests' field of vision.


2. User-friendliness for the employees

If you decide to go with a digital buffet labeling system, you need to make sure your employees are comfortable with the new technology. Otherwise, the switch can lead to frustration and mistakes that could have easily been avoided. 

Our management platform is very intuitive and requires little computer knowledge. In any case, we provide training for everyone involved in the process, and in addition, we offer 24/7 remote support. You will be looked after at all times.


3. Battery life

Our labels are equipped with low-consumption technology and high-capacity batteries that guarantee a service life of 3 to 5 years.

The batteries are consumed only when the content is updated, which is why we ensure a long duration. Changing batteries if necessary is a very simple process.


4. Warranty period

Our electronic labels come with a 12-month warranty, and if you rent, the warranty is valid for the entire contract period.

The labels are heat and moisture resistant and are perfect for the needs of all buffets. In case of a technical defect, we replace the labels within a maximum of 3 working days.


5. You are not sure of the return on investment

We have calculated that in a holiday hotel with three daily services, an average of 1.5 hours per day is spent on manual labelling. If we assume that one working hour costs about 9.50€ gross, we would come to annual costs of about 5000€.

Not only does the investment in electronic tags pay for itself in less than a year, but those 1.5 hours per day can be invested in other activities that improve the guest experience or generate more revenue.

On the other hand, all repetitive processes in a hotel need to be automated to increase productivity. Moreover, thanks to our platform, you can track all the changes that occur on the menu wheel during the services.

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As in all actions and investments in the tourism sector, the focus must be on the customer. Thanks to the electronic labels, the customer will be able to have complete information, in their own language and with all allergens easily identifiable. 

Hotel staff no longer waste time printing, cutting and applying labels, and the result is much more productive, sustainable and value-added for the guest.

If you still have any questions, we will be happy to assist you.

About Hoteligy

At Hoteligy we have been helping hotels around the world for years to digitize processes and information for the guest. By implementing the right tools, we try to help hoteliers save time and costs, while promoting the sale of in-stay products and services. 

If you need more information about Hoteligy or have questions about the digitization of your hotels, do not hesitate to contact our team

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electronic labels

5 doubts when digitizing labels

With electronic tags, a resort hotel can save up to 550 hours of manual labor per year.

But if you still have questions before making the decision to digitize the buffets, we leave you our new article where you can find all the answers.


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