NEOM, the most futuristic city in the world

NEOM is a region on the Red Sea in northwestern Arabian Saudi, which is built from scratch as an alternative to the economy of the Saudi regime. This project wants to make your economy less dependent of oil and increase their sources of income atthrough the sightseeing and innovative companies that come to the area. This artificial city It would have an area of about 28,000 square kilometers and would contain various futuristic elements never seen before.

Some eccentricities Featured in the consultant's report include flying taxis, a giant artificial moon, cloud seeding technology (to create artificial rain to control the region's high temperatures), robots, and even holographic teachers (as they plan to implement leadership education of the planet). system).

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The NEOM project is already a reality, and we are part of it.

A total of 1400 Electronic labels for buffets They have been installed in the five growing cities that are part of NEOM – Oxagon, The Line, Community 1, 2 and 3, where the most prestigious engineers in the world meet.

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