Content management for hotels

We design and update the multimedia content for your hotel.

Our marketing and design department maintains, designs and updates all the information published on your screens. All you have to do is send us an email with the desired changes or ideas and we will transform them into a beautiful and striking design respecting the hotel's corporate image. You just have to review and approve each design made.

We manage and design content for
Canal TV, Totems, Pantallas

We provide solutions, so we take care of everything from the beginning to the end.

Time saving

With just one request we take charge of everything, by offering a comprehensive and multi-device management platform.

Homogeneous Design

All designs and contents maintain the same palette of colors, fonts and patterns offering a professional image.

Multi Device

We publish each change in all available supports. Informative Screens, TV Channels, Mobile Application and interactive Totems.

Savings in staff

Outsourcing the design and maintenance with Hoteligy, receive a significant savings in staff costs.

A comprehensive service for an exceptional hotel

We commit ourselves in writing to make the changes in a short space of time, thus guaranteeing an exceptional work dynamic. Just send an email, word document or plain text and transform it into a beautiful design.

¿Para que dispositivos gestionamos la información?

We use the same image, information and designs to update all devices adapting to the format of each one.

Mini Header producto Totems interactivos hotel

For Totems

The key to success is to offer a product with updated and adapted information, so in Hoteligy, if you wish, we take care of updating the content and information of your terminals for you.

Mini Header APP Movil Hotel PWA

For the Mobile App

We make sure that the hotel's mobile application is always up-to-date, with schedules, texts and information keeping in agreement with the rest of the devices.

Mini Header Producto Canal #0 TV Corporativo Habitaciones Hotel

For the TV Channel

Do you need a new design or promotion for the In-Room-TV channel? At Hoteligy we also manage this, send an email and it will be ready in a short space of time.

Mini Header pantallas informativas 300x300

Informative Displays

Tired of lobby or lift screens having outdated information? At Hoteligy we take care of them keeping them always 100% updated