Informational Screens

Digital Signage adapted for hotels

Digital signage devices in elevators, reception, lobby or even outdoors greatly help to improve communication with the guest and above all in the delivery of information about everything that happens in the Hotel facilities.

Do not wait any longer and enjoy our cloud solution of information screens for hotels, they are also a perfect complement to our Web App and the Corporate TV Channel

Information screen, digital signage for hotels

Discover the main benefits

of our Information Screens for hotels

Informational split screen

Our Digital Signage Solution for Hotels It allows you to manage multiple screens with minimal effort, whether from a single hotel or from the entire chain, you can also share the Playlist so you don't have to do the same job several times. You can finally say goodbye to the use of flash drives on each screen.

Cloud Platform

Remote management of all devices thanks to our CMS, you only need a web browser for management.

Split Screen

It allows split-screen projection, thus being able to display multiple contents and information simultaneously.

Activities Agenda

If you use our Interactive Kiosks or WebApp, you can automatically publish the activities of the day or the moment.

Weather Forecast

We integrate weather API to show the weather forecast automatically.

Promotions information screen
Specific content


Thanks to the informative screens you can easily publish special promotions according to seasons. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Carnival... Any excuse is good for a good promotion, where you will also not have to use paper.

For operational information

For Schedules
and regulations

Take advantage of the screens to publish operational information that is usually essential for the guest and especially for the proper functioning of the hotel (For example, service hours of bars, restaurants or spa)

You will be able to give visibility to important issues such as rules of coexistence or the restaurant's dress code.

Information screen timetables
Informative screen releases
Important notices

Releases and
important information

It is always a big problem when it comes to letting guests know important information about any last minute operational or regulatory changes.

Either to announce the closure of a point of sale or to remind customers of compliance with safety and hygiene measures that may be derived from situations such as the one we are experiencing with Covid.

Digital Signage is always a good resource.

Whaether forecast


On a daily basis, clients usually ask at the hotel reception about the weather conditions that may occur during their stay and holidays.

On the screens you can easily schedule the publication of the entire weather forecast for the next 7 days.

All in a visual and attractive way that also saves you time.

Weather forecast information screen
Informative screen animation and activities agenda
Animation and shows

Program of

Another great use of Digital Signage is the publication of the planning or agenda of activities and entertainment that are in the hotel every day.

In addition, thanks to the integration with our platform, dynamic information can be displayed based on the schedule of activities published on the Web App or in the Interactive Kiosks.

Unified image


Any corporate content is ideal to publish on the information screens, whether it is information about the Vip Clients Club, or simply a corporate video with all the hotels in the chain or facilities.

Informative screen corporate content