We clarify all your doubts about Hoteligy

Yes, the greater the number of products and units contracted, the greater the discount. We usually work through price escalations.

We work mainly on the business model by monthly fee, all products under the same quota. The hardware can be purchased in cash or included in renting together with the service fees.

Depending on the type of operation, there may or may not be permanence. In the case of renting or hardware financing, the minimum contract is usually 36 months. When it is software only, the minimum contract is one year.

Thanks to our CMS panel, the hotel staff can update and maintain all the content if you wish. However, if you hire content management, our marketing and design department will be responsible for making the designs and updating all the information under the orders and directions of the hotel.

Unlike other platforms, Hoteligy has a powerful reservation and availability engine integrated. So when booking, it will only accept requests when there are places available, avoiding exceeding the limits and capacities of the restaurant or service.

Our powerful CMS panel allows to update the configuration, content and even software versions remotely, so there is no need to travel, except for serious hardware failures.

Hoteligy is responsible for all maintenance, repair and warranty of the equipment.
You do not have to worry about anything, since the service is included in the monthly fee.

We offer international service, no matter where in the world the hotel is located. Europe and Latin America are currently our main markets.

In renting we offer full and complete guarantee for the duration of the contract. In addition, every 3 years we renew the equipment if necessary.

Still some doubts?

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