Improve the Hotels Upselling

We advise you and provide the best tools to increase your sales.

Thanks to the know how obtained during years of work with different hotels and by the hand of excellent professionals, at Hoteligy we have been able to implement an excellent all-in-one solution with the necessary tools to improve the performance per bed of your Hotel, obtaining a higher conversion rate in upselling.

Improve your Upselling
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Even if you have the right product, without an effective communication channel and without the adequate offer, it is difficult to achieve the objectives. 

Offer and product

First you need to have the right product and offer for your guest. 

Create necessity

Making the opportunity a necessity is the key to achieving a higher conversion rate.


The facilities of a hotel are extensive, and the classic communication channels are no longer as effective.


The difficulties when hiring the product or service are usually a great barrier to success.

Each message, at the right time and place.

By condition

A balinese bed, a sun bed or a good cocktail is more likely to be booked on a sunny day, while a massage or circuit at the spa can be ideal for a cloudy or rainy day.

By hour and day

Thanks to our platform, you can choose at what time and on what days each ad is displayed. Promote a restaurant à la carte when the guest is leaving the buffet does not make much sense. On the other hand, promoting the cocktail of the day is more effective.


Thanks to the programming and automation, you can offer the right message at the right place and time, indicating in which device to display each advertisement. It is not interesting to promote a restaurant when customers are already at the doors of it.

Upselling:The importance of each factor

Nowadays as a hotel, we have many ways and tools to communicate with our guests, to be successful it is necessary that each of them offer a truthful, forceful and common information. Hoteligy proposes a single platform with which you can manage everything with the minimum effort and the best result.

The product


The offer


Available Information






Ease of booking


Which are the best products to improve your upselling?

Mini Header producto Totems interactivos hotel

From Totems

Properly located in the areas of greatest traffic, they are one of the best tools to increase sales since they allow to promote products while encouraging the booking of them. 


From the Mobile App

From the smartphone we can make the contracting process easy, fast and instantaneous. The guest can check schedules and availability at any time.

Mini Header pantallas informativas 300x300

Information Displays

Located in lifts, lobby or places of great affluence and/or passage of customers are the best way to promote products with updated information. 

Mini Header Producto Canal #0 TV Corporativo Habitaciones Hotel

In-Room TV Channel

Promotions on channel 0 television are also an option that requires a low investment and can have a high percentage of success.