Interactive map of the Hotel

Offer your guests a complete interactive plan of the resort

Given the large dimensions of today's hotels and resorts, guests find it increasingly difficult to locate and find what they are looking for within the complex.

Gracias a nuestro mapa interactivo podremos ubicar todos los puntos de interés para que de una forma interactiva y con información detallada, el turista pueda desplazarse por el complejo cómodamente y sin miedo a perderse

Interactive map with satellite view
actualizado, organizado, interactivo

All the points of interest (POI) of the hotel correctly placed on a plan with satellite view and grouped by type or category.

Multiple Points of Interest

Add to the map as many points of interest as you need, from rest rooms or restaurants to the different elevators.

Detailed information

Show on the map detailed information about each point, such as photos, description or directions.

Filters and Groupings

Allows to filter and group bookmarks according to type or category. Thus helping your organization.


Redirect directly from the map to the restaurant or spa page and provide more information or enable your guests to make a table reservation or book services.

From which devices can you see the map from?

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From Totems

The guest will be able to consult and interact with the map on a large format screen such as Interactive Totems.

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From the Mobile App

Thanks to the mobile version of our platform, the guest can make online assessments from their own touch device or from their smartphone.

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From Tablets

Hotel and / or reception staff may use a tablet to conduct guest surveys, avoiding the unnecessary use of paper.

Powerful CMS management panel

From our CMS control panel you can easily add as many points of interest as you need, with text in several languages and related photos.