Booking App for restaurants and hotels

The lack of information is one of the biggest problems in 70% of Hotels.

The first totally autonomous and modular booking app; allows to take complete control of availability of any internal service. (Restaurants, Balinese beds, spa, gala dinners, etc.)

Uploading the availability in the system will allow your guests to process reservations with an immediate confirmation without intervention of the staff to validate the request.

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Booking system
completo, modular, flexible

Configure any hotel product or service that requires prior reservation and is subject to availability.


Reserve a table in restaurants with hourly availability.

Balinese Beds

Booking of Bali beds per day or hourly rate, with associated sale of packages in upselling.


Reservation of shows and events of the hotel.

Massages and Treatments

Hiring and booking of massages, treatments, spa circuits and beauty services. 

Booking of restaurant tables

Add-ons to highlight

Confirmation ticket

The guest automatically receives a printed ticket as proof of reservation.

PMS Compatible

The guest can validate himself by reading his NFC / RFID card.

Limit per board type

Limits or conditions may apply depending on the accommodation type.

Limits for duration of stay

Special limits or conditions may apply depending on the duration of the stay.

Reservation of balinese beds

From where can bookings be made?

Mini Header producto Totems interactivos hotel

From Totems

Guests can book comfortably from the totems. They are validated with the room card and receive the printed confirmation ticket.

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Mini Header APP Movil Hotel PWA

From the Mobile App

Allow your guests to make reservations from your Mobile App. Later, they can print of the confirmation ticket from the totem if they wish.

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From Tablets

The hotel staff can use tablets to make reservations from any part of the premises without the need of a nearby computer.

Mini Header WebAPP Escritorio

From Portal CMS

From our CMS portal the hotel staff can edit and add reservations that are managed in person or answered by telephone.

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Powerful CMS control panel

Hotel staff can manage and consult all reservations from our CMS control panel: Print listings, cancellations, modifications, etc.