Surveys and Evaluations

Get to know the opinion of the guests before they leave your hotel.

Thanks to our digital platform you can use your tablets, totems and the mobile App of the Hotel to carry out satisfaction surveys while your guests are still inside the Hotel.

You will receive notifications by mail when some assessment is negative and you can see from the CMS web panel, complete statistics for each questionnaire and question.

Loyalty and surveys
fáciles, útiles, instantáneas

Knowing the guest's opinion while they are still at the hotel will allow you to act quickly and convert them in returning guests.
Easily convert a negative opinion into a positive experience.

Multiple surveys

Our platform allows you to create independent surveys for each product and service.


Complete graphs, filterable by date, room number, question or language.


Notice by e-mail about negative evaluations, saving consultation time.

Positive opinions

Transforme una opinión negativa en el Hotel, en un feedback en las redes.

Mida la valoración de todo

Where can surveys be made?

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From Totems

The guest can make quick assessment surveys from any of the totems located in the facilities.

View Totems

From the Mobile App

Thanks to the mobile version of our platform, the guest can make online assessments from their own touch device or from their smartphone.

View Mobile App
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From Tablets

Hotel and / or reception staff may use a tablet to conduct guest surveys, avoiding the unnecessary use of paper.

Powerful CMS management panel

Consult the statistics of each questionnaire from our CMS panel, authorised personnel can consult the assessment graph with the possibility of filtering results by date range, room number, language, questionnaire and specific question.