Access control by temperature

Automated temperature control at restricted accesses.

Access control unit for temperature control, allows us to carry out a quick and effective temperature control of hotel staff. Thanks to its facial recognition we can carry out a time control of entry and exit.

Its small size makes it useful even for the control of guests at the entrance to crowded areas such as the hotel buffet since it can be easily installed on the hostess counter, on a floor stand or on walls.

Header Control de accesos por temperatura y reconocimiento facial

Ensures the safety of staff and customers

It has a complete control of schedules and temperature of staff and suppliers, thus avoiding unnecessary risks

Temperature Control

Make a quick and accurate reading of the temperature of employees and suppliers. In just a few seconds and with a margin of error (0.02ºC).

Use of Face Masks

A powerful algorithm allows you to recognize whether or not the user is wearing masks, advising to wear them in case face masks are mandatory.

Schedule control

Thanks to its easy recognition it allows to keep a time control of entrances and exits for both employees and authorized staff.

Cloud Management

It allows you to manage remotely thanks to its cloud platform, being able to control the history of readings and accesses.

Tornos control de accesos

Easy integration

Allows integration of automatic opening with barriers and automatic doors.

Thanks to its integrated relay connection we can interconnect the terminal with access control devices such as automatic doors, access barriers or similar, being able to perform remote openings.