Digital Hotel Experience.

All your hotel needs in a single solution.

Hoteligy manages your entire hotel’s communication needs from a single platform. Save time and money automating your hotel staff tasks while encouraging your upselling and crossselling of your products and services.

“Experts in digitalising your hotel”

Receive more benefits per bed

Tablets interactivas

Aplicación Móvil

Tótem Táctil Interactivo

All your communication needs is one single digital support.

Hoteligy presents unique software that integrates all technological and modular necessities of your hotel. You will have one provider only and one single monthly quote.

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Interactive Totem

Our prime product; tactile device with integrated functions and external complements (ticket printer, NFC reader, etc.). Provides large-scale information, polls and a booking engine.

Brinda información, encuestas y reservas en gran formato.

Aplicación interactiva para hoteles

Mobile App

Powerful web application optimized for smartphones. Provide all hotel information and services in a portable format.

Information displays for hotels

Informative Displays

Manage from one only access point all digital signage screens of the hotel: displays in your lifts, LED’s, etc. Digital Signage.

Channel #0 Hotel TV

Channel #0 TV

Manage in an easy way the content of your own in-room TV channel. Provide weather information, the latest promotions, activity and entertainment agenda, tourist information etc.

CMS Cloud Manager

Exclusive management portal for hotels. Accessible from any web browser and without installation of local applications.
- 24/7 Platform.
- Accessible from any internet browser.
- Multi user/hotel Permits.
- Control and modification of bookings.
- Update text, photos and videos.
- Usage statistics and surveys.
- Creation of playlists.
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Content Management

Without complications, Hoteligy manages, maintains and creates all designs for you, always respecting your corporate image.
Tell us about the content you would like to promote and our creative department will turn it into a striking design for your screen or application.
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Premium Guaranty

Full warranty during the contract period (Breakdowns, assistance and repairs). Everything is covered so you do not have to worry.
Remote and face-to-face assistance in record time, always assisted by the best professionals.
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