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We view digitization as an addition to people and not as a  substitute for them. We create technology so that people can harness their talents for essential purposes .

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More than 300 hotels and chains around the world trust us.

Products and Services

We have a wide range of products and solutions developed in-house, designed specifically for hoteliers . These solutions are intended to take the guest experience to another level , while improving operational processes in your establishment. Solutions that adapt to the needs of hoteliers and contribute to achieving a higher level of service and efficiency in the hotel industry.

Electronic Labels

Our market-leading electronic labeling solution is designed for efficient digitization and automation of buffet labels. With our technology, we offer an innovative way to manage and update food labels quickly and accurately . An effective solution that optimizes the presentation of food, improves the customer experience and simplifies operational management in buffet environments.

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Hospitality App & WebAPP

Our WebAPP allows guests to access all your hotel information from their mobile device. They can enjoy an interactive and personalized experience , accessing details about facilities, services, events, promotions and more. Our WebAPP provides information to maximize your hotel stay , including breakfast times, reservations, and local recommendations.

Digital Signage

Take advantage of TV Channels, Totems and Information Screens to highlight your services . Our unique platform simplifies the management and control of information on each screen, providing a consistent and engaging experience for your guests. Promote services, events and updated information , maximizing your visibility and communication at all your contact points.

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Spa and Wellness Center Management Module

Operating Modules

Our operating modules optimize the hotel's internal operations and facilitate guest self-management in an easy and intuitive way. These tools improve the efficiency of internal processes and allow guests to manage their stay autonomously and without complications.

The key to your problems

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can anticipate the everyday needs of hoteliers, providing unique solutions to common challenges . We are utilizing innovation to foresee problems and provide effective solutions that meet the needs and demands of the hotel industry.

All-in-One Modular Platform

All in One tool. For guest management. Hire the modules you need and pay only for them.

Direct communication between Guest and Hotelier

We assist you in breaking down current barriers between workers and clients by opening up new channels of direct contact.

Centralized Information

Avoid confusion by keeping all hotel information, services and procedures centralized in one location.

Process Automation

Automation of tasks and repetitive processes will make the life of the guest and the employee easier.

Content Management

Instead of adding to the problem, we want to be the solution. With our content management service, you need not worry.


Analyze what happens in your hotel in real time and make better decisions to deliver a better service.

Impressive numbers and savings

There are two strategies to boost your profit in a hotel. Either increasing sales and raising prices or decreasing your operating costs . At  Hoteligy we are experts in assisting you in both aspects.

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Some words from our clients

"I am completely blown away. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. Paycash should be nominated for service of the year."
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"It's really wonderful. Absolutely wonderful! I strongly recommend Paycash to everyone interested in running a successful online business!"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing a new technology always brings many doubts. We've provided some answers here, but if you have any further questions, please contact us.

Completely. The brand image of your hotel, the logo, the font and the colors will be fully adaptable to your brand. 


We create a custom template for each client.


Currently we have 14 different languages. However, we can always add more. Each hotel chooses how many and in which languages ​​they want to publish their content.



When the clients access the WebApp, the system will detect the language of their device and will show them the information in their own language.

We have a large Customer Service team available during business hours. We also offer a 24/7 support phone.

Our Onboarding team are in charge of organizing the training required for proper management of our solutions. We also have a series of video tutorials that you can access at any time.

Finally, if you have any questions, you can always contact our Customer Service team.

Yes. We understand that integrations are the key to the success of technological solutions in hotels and resorts. We can offer different integrations with PMS, CRM, POS and specialized programs in Food and Beverages.

Trust us to boost your hotel experience.

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