Hotel Digitization
& Guest Experience

Unified platform for content and information management in the hotel.

We are aware that a hotel or resort, facing the guest, needs to make use of different communication channels, something that traditionally forced them to contract different solutions and providers separately, each with its prices, characteristics, and support. "It was expensive and inefficient."

At Hoteligy we have developed a multi-channel and multi-device platform, through which we can support all communication channels from the same Control Panel and using the same content. All working in correct symphony.

What do we do

and how we implement it

We have a large team of professionals with extensive technological experience, who have also been applying it correctly for years in the hotel sector.

Thanks to our success stories, you will be able to benefit from our Know How, which we will undoubtedly use to advise you correctly in your hotel digitization process.

Years of work and a wide portfolio of satisfied clients are our best cover letter.

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Know all the areas

where we can help you improve

Gastronomic upselling

Improve the sale of additional products thanks to our Upselling and recommendations module.

Our platform allows the Guest to carry out routine tasks easily without queues and without staff intervention.

Automated capacity control thanks to our powerful reservation system for Restaurants, Activities and Services.

Easily carry out automated marketing campaigns segmented by customer type.

Take the planning of activities on our platform, something that will benefit both customers and hotel staff.

Thanks to the e-Menu module you can enjoy a powerful tool for managing digital and interactive charts.

Improve the reputation of the hotel thanks to the module of surveys and notifications.

By offering multiple channels of communication, you can better adapt to the needs of each client, which are always very varied.

We automate the tedious work of day-to-day labeling and service to service all the buffet dishes.

Thanks to our powerful app for hotels, we are finally digitizing the classic room directory.

Thanks to the module interactive maps and with geolocation of our platform, your guests will find what they need.

Task organization

Hotel clients report incidents, ask for room service, or request extra services for your room.

Chains and Hotels that already have our technology

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