Security control

Security Control module offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage these visits and suppliers, benefiting security personnel and center management.

Main Security Control Module 5

Prioritize security and control in centers, especially during external visits.

We prioritize security and control in centers, especially in external visits, through our specialized system that guarantees efficient and safe management at all times.

Detailed and centralized registration

Simplifies the management of external visits with a complete record with date, time, visitor name, company and vehicle data.

Management of companies, vehicles and visitors

Creates a complete record of companies, people and vehicles, streamlining the process for future visits and ensuring a smooth and efficient entry experience.

Access control via QR

The system facilitates safe and hassle-free access through the use of QR codes, without the need for complicated processes or delays in entry.

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Manage incidents

Our system ensures incident management to prevent problems and maintain the safety of guests and center facilities.

Taking associated photos

Provides a visual record for greater security and identity verification.

Shared incidents

When you report an incident with a visitor, their vehicle or your company in a center, the entire chain is notified.

Visit Summary

It offers a clear view of the flow of visitors in real time, allowing better management and control.

Security Advantages

Allows your Security personnel to have access at all times to the information of external visitors in addition to being able to report incidents in real time.

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Advantages for management

It provides effective control and management, reducing risks with a detailed record of visitors and external vehicles, complying at all times with the center's regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hoteligy 's Security Control module manages external visits efficiently and safely. It allows security personnel to accurately record and control visitor access, generate incident reports instantly and request identification as necessary. From the perspective of center management, it facilitates the organization of visits, reduces risks and vulnerabilities, improves operational efficiency and guarantees regulatory compliance.  

The security control module provides security personnel with a set of tools to effectively manage external visits. It allows detailed and centralized recording of all visits, precise control of visitor access, instant generation of incident reports and the ability to request identification at any time, contributing to greater security and control in the center.

Facilitates the efficient organization of external visits by simplifying the scheduling and management process. In addition, it helps reduce risks and vulnerabilities related to the center's security by having exhaustive control over external visits. It also improves operational efficiency by streamlining registration and access control processes, and ensures regulatory compliance related to external visitor management.

The module offers several advantages in terms of security and control. These include a detailed and centralized record of all external visits, precise control of visitor access, the ability to generate incident reports quickly and easily, and the ability to request identification at any time. These features ensure a safe and secure environment for all employees and visitors to the center.

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