Channel #0 TV Rooms

A corporate TV channel in the hotel rooms. Thanks to our CMS Manager and systematic programming, you will be able to show different content depending on the time and day of the week.


Show information, promotions and content that are relevant to your guests at all times. 

Channel-0-Corporate For Hotels

The perfect welcome for when guests enter the room.

It includes corporate videos, promotions and can even disaply background music during the images presented.

Auto Start

Hotel televisions can automatically turn on when the client enters the room.

Default Channel

By default, the television can turn on to the channel that we configure so that the client doesn't have to search for it.

Split Screen

Divide the screen into up to 3 sections to make better use of the space and offer multiple content.


Schedule the day and time you want each slide, video or image to be played, optimizing display time.

Weather Information

Add a dynamic widget with the weekly weather forecast.

Activities Schedule

Automatically add information about the activity program published in the WebAPP.

Cms Panel Tv Channel Manager Hotel Rooms

Powerful control panel for remote management.

Easily manage all the content of your TV channel from a complete cloud platform.

You will only need a web browser to be able to publish videos, images or desired information.

Unified Dashboard

Manage multiple TV channels and Information Screens from the same control panel, and share content between devices.

Multiple Playlists

Have multiple playlists prepared according to season and switch from one to another with just a few clicks.


View the content of the playlist in real time and see the result comfortably from your computer.

Your Guests are Better Informed

Providing your client with more information about what your hotel has to offer & what's happening at all times.

Graphic Better Communication With Guest

You Can Achieve More Sales

The TV channel is an ideal communication channel for the promotion of additional products not included in the hosting package.

Graphic Helps Improve Income

Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to clear up any small doubts that might remain after having read our presentation.

No, it is only necessary to install a Mediaplayer in the hotel's communications center (in the TV headend) so that we can modulate the signal into a regular channel that reaches all the rooms.

No, the device is installed in the hotel's communication center, and it is only there that it will be necessary to have an internet connection. preferably wired .

No, this TV channel does not allow you to interact with the remote as if it were a Smart TV.

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