Management of Table Reservations

Our service provides the first restaurant table reservation management system designed specifically to adapt to hotel operations. We understand the unique needs of hotels and have developed a platform that efficiently combines restaurant table reservation management with general hotel operations.

Hotel Restaurant Reservation Module

Optimize the performance of your service points (A&B)

Make the most of your gastronomic services' potential and boost their revenue. Our platform offers tools and features to help you increase the productivity and success of your Food and Beverage operations.

From managing reservations and assigning tables to optimizing resources and customizing the customer experience.

Capacity Control

With our reservation management system, you will have full control of your capacity, avoiding crowds and providing an exceptional experience on each visit.

Reservations in Real Time

Define the capacity, the available time slots and the opening days - and enjoy the magic of digitization. Follow your reservations in real time, having full control.

Define Restrictions and Courtesies

Define specific restrictions and courtesies for each accommodation type, allowing precise and adapted control. Define when, to whom and at what price you offer the service in your restaurant.

Hotel Restaurant Reservation Module

Maintain capacity while avoiding queues

Optimize your points of sale and provide an exceptional experience to your customers with our powerful restaurant reservation manager. Maximize efficiency, reduce wait times and increase your revenue, all in one place.


During the reservation process, we have the ability to offer additional products to the guest, which allows us to increase revenue in the area of ​​​​food and beverages (F&B).

In-app Payments

Stop worrying about charges and activate payments through our payment gateway solution.

Allergy Control

Anticipate and obtain information about possible customer allergies before they arrive at the restaurant.

Autonomy to The Guests

Offer your guests the convenience of easily booking their appointment at the restaurant from their mobile. With just a few clicks, they can secure their table and enjoy an exceptional dining experience without hassle or delay.

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Automation Advantages

From receiving reservations to confirmation and reminders, our platform takes care of the entire process, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional service. Simplify your restaurant reservation management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Hoteligy , we understand that doubts always arise, which is why we strive to provide clear answers to the most common questions about our reservation management system. Our goal is to provide the necessary information so that our clients can make informed decisions and get the most out of our service 

Our restaurant reservation management solution is easy to use. Clients can conveniently make reservations through our application, selecting the desired date, time and number of people. The system verifies availability in real time and automatically confirms the reservation. In addition, it offers reminders and notification options to keep customers informed at all times. It simplifies the reservation process and provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for both customers and the restaurant.

Yes, in our reservation management system, you have the ability to establish personalized restrictions and courtesies for each accommodation regime. You can define specific hours, minimum or maximum reservation requirements, and offer special benefits depending on the type of accommodation type. This flexibility allows you to adapt to the individual preferences and needs of your guests, providing them with a personalized service that improves their experience in your establishment.

Yes, through our reservation management system, you will have access to detailed reports and analysis on all reservations made. These reports will provide you with valuable information to make strategic decisions, improve operational efficiency and offer an even better experience to your customers. You will be able to obtain data on the performance of reservations, trends, guest behavior and more. These reports will allow you to optimize your operations, identify areas for improvement and offer a more personalized and satisfactory service to your customers.

With our reservation management system, we provide clients with the convenience of easily canceling or modifying their reservations. They can make these changes through our application, as long as they comply with the established cancellation policies. In addition, our system sends automatic notifications to the restaurant to keep an updated record of reservations and any changes made. This ensures efficient and accurate management of reservations, providing flexibility for both customers and the restaurant.

Thanks to our system, you can access the updated list of reservations in real time from any device with an internet connection. When you greet customers at the restaurant entrance, you can easily check the reservation list and verify their name or reservation number to ensure they have a reserved table.

In addition, each time a reservation is confirmed, our system generates an exclusive QR code for the client. There is also the option of using a QR code reader on the mobile phone to carry out access control in an agile and efficient way. In this way, you can scan the client's QR code to validate their reservation quickly and safely. This functionality streamlines the check-in process and ensures a smooth flow of diners into the restaurant.

Hire this module as a complement to your app or as an individual service.

Take your restaurant management to another level.

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