Corporate App for hotel chains

A complete application and corporate WebApp that integrates the Guest APP of all your hotels. It unifies the customer experience, providing additional features such as a digital key card and booking engine, as well as improving operational efficiency and guest loyalty.

Corporate Native Application For Chains

Main advantages of a Corporate APP for a hotel chain.

Having a complete application and corporate WebApp offers several important advantages that you should not overlook.

Guest APP Unification

With this service, you can centralize all your hotel guest applications in one place

Centralization of Information

The application and the corporate WebApp enable you to centralize all necessary hotel information.

Personalization and Loyalty

Through the application, you can offer personalized content adapted to each guest, according to their preferences.

Integrated Booking Engine

By integrating a booking engine into the app, guests can make reservations directly from the app, without the need to redirect them to other sites.

Digital Key Card

By including the digital key card feature in the app, guests can conveniently and securely access their rooms using their mobile devices.

Improved Operational Efficiency.

The unified platform simplifies the management and administration of multiple hotel properties.

Management Panel For Corporate App

CMS (Content Management System) management panel for your app.

Complete CMS (Content Management System) management panel for the corporate app allows you to manage and update the content of the application in a centralized and simple way.


You can add text, images, videos, documents, and other media to keep the information displayed to users up-to-date and relevant.

Android and IOS

Fully customized application for your chain, downloadable and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Room Reservation

We integrate the hotel's booking engine to achieve a new channel of direct sales.

Multi Hotel

It integrates with the Guest app of each hotel, to unify the access to them from a corporate application.

Advantages for the Hotelier

A corporate application for a hotel chain provides the hotelier with a series of benefits that you can discover below.

Businessman Analyzing Hotel Graphs

Benefits for the guest

These advantages improve the quality of their stay and provide them with a more satisfying and pleasant experience.

Young Guest Using Hotel App

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear all initial doubts about our corporate APP in this series of questions and answers.

There is an initial cost to get the app up and running, followed by a monthly maintenance and license fee.

In the section ''Our Clients'', you will find a list of hotels and hotel chains that already trust Hoteligy as their solution.

The corporate department of the hotel will have access to a CMS management panel to update the content and information of the corporate application of its hotel chain.

At Hoteligy , we value integrations and offer custom solutions to easily connect with the various hotel management systems (PMS) in the industry. If your PMS doesn't have an API, we can provide our own API so they can connect to our system seamlessly. In addition to PMS integrations, we offer integrations with other hotel systems, such as CRM and chatbots, among others. We invite you to consult our list of integrations.

Yes, we will customize the app of your hotel chain using your corporate identity (Logos, Colors, fonts and images)

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