Affluence and Pension Manager

Easily bring pension control to the entrance of the buffet. Avoid unwanted repetitions with pension access control. It also generates traffic data for further analysis.

Board and Hotel Access Control Module

Specially designed to optimize and improve the flow of diners

Our flow control module has been specifically designed to optimize and improve the flow of diners in the buffet restaurant. With this smart and effective solution, we can guarantee a calm and relaxed environment, providing a pleasant experience for all guests.

Total Capacity

Optimize the experience of your diners with our total capacity control system for restaurants.

Capacity per Shift

Define the available shifts and the capacity for each shif. You will be able to optimize the capacity according to available personnel.

Capacity by board type

Define the capacity by acommodation type, giving priority to guests who have the service included.

Board and Hotel Access Control Module

Stop printing PMS listings

You can access the complete list of occupied rooms from our platform. You will have the ability to receive guests without prior reservations, mark the reservations used and have full control of the flow of diners. At all times, you will be able to know if the rooms are entitled to the service or not, providing a smooth and satisfactory experience for both guests and restaurant staff.

Rooms without a Restaurant Reservation

Our service gives you the ability to control guests that haven't reserved effectively.

Rooms with a Restaurant Reservation

With our solution, you can review the guests in rooms that have made reservations to anticipate and plan their arrival at the restaurant efficiently.

Avoid Duplication

Efficiently control customers from accessing the buffet more than once and consuming more food than included in their pension. Guarantees proper use of the services.

Advantages for the Hotelier

An access and boarding control system for a buffet restaurant in a hotel can provide several advantages to the establishment.

Hotel Process Improvement Graphic

Advantages for the Guest

A boarding and access control system for a buffet restaurant in a hotel can offer several significant advantages for guests.

Hotel Data Analysis Graph

Frequent questions and doubts

When implementing a boarding and access control system in a hotel buffet restaurant, it is common for various questions to arise. Here are some of the questions asked:

Yes, our system allows you to view access data to the services, both for those with a reservation and for those without a reservation. You will be able to see detailed information about access times, types of meals and the room types of guests. This gives you a complete picture of how the service is being used in different situations and allows you to make informed decisions based on that data.

At Hoteligy , we offer seamless integration with your PMS so you can have full control and get the most out of our tools. We make sure our solutions integrate seamlessly and efficiently with your property management system, allowing you to streamline your operations and get the most out of our platform.

Each point of sale will have an independent access list for each service. In these lists, you will be able to see the total number of rooms occupied at that moment. Rooms without a reservation for that service will be shown in blue, rooms with a reservation but not yet arrived will be shown in orange, and rooms already in the restaurant will be shown in red. This gives you a clear and quick visualization of the status of the rooms and helps you to efficiently manage the flow of customers in the restaurant.

Yes, at Hoteligy you have the ability to customize the desired hours and services depending on the point of sale. This allows you to adapt and configure the opening and closing times, as well as the services offered, according to the specific needs of each point of sale in your hotel. With this flexibility, you can optimize management and offer a personalized experience for your customers at each point of sale.

From the platform, you have the facility to check if a room has a reservation. Whether you have a reservation or not, you can easily view the arrival date, departure date, number of guests in the room, as well as information on the type of room and board. This functionality allows you to obtain a complete and detailed view of each reservation and provide a personalized service to your guests according to their needs and preferences.

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