GuestAPP - Application for Hotels and Resorts

Our Web App revolutionizes the guest experience by providing immediate access to all hotel services and information without the need to download any application


It stands out as the most complete and versatile solution on the market , improving communication with guests and generating an increase in sales during their stay .


The most complete and flexible Guest APP on the market.

Discover the main features of our small app for Hotels and Resorts.

Multiple Languages

Support of up to 11 languages. The app will also detect the client's language automatically, thus improving the user experience.


The best of the web with the experience of an APP, ideal for the hotel sector, where information is consumed instantly.


A new way of communication with the guest. Sending notifications and in-Stay marketing campaigns in an automated way.


Modular platform, which allows you to hire only the modules you really need.


Fully customizable to meet the hotel's corporate guideline, fonts, and colors. We'll get along with marketing.

PMS Integration

Integrable system with almost all PMS on the market. We have our own API, but if your PMS allows, we can connect to them at no additional cost to you.

Self-Manageable Control Panel

A tool that allows you to efficiently manage and control the content of the web application dedicated to a hotel.


It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for hotel owners and staff to manage various functions and aspects related to hotel operation and promotion.

Main Cms Webapp

It allows you to comfortably manage several hotels from the same management panel.

Shared Information

Easily share and copy information between several company hotels.

Complete Statistics

Know in detail what is happening in your hotel thanks to the graphs and analytics for the use of the platform.

Before Arrival

Online Pre-Checkin

Offer your customers the convenience of carrying out the Pre-Checkin process from their mobile devices even before their arrival.

Thanks to our integration with most property management systems (PMS) and optical character recognition (OCR), guests can complete the entire process with just a few clicks.

Once at the hotel, you can considerably reduce waiting times at reception.

Pre Checkin Online Reservation
Pre Checkin Online Ocr
Directory Rooms Hotel 1
Directory Rooms Hotel 2
In The Rooms

Digital Directory of Room Services

With our hotel app, you will eliminate the need for the traditional paper room directory. In our app, you can centralize all the important information about your stay and room. The information will be visually presented in an appropriate way and will be available in up to 11 languages.

At Points of Sale

Digital Cards with QR

Goodbye to paper menus, with our app, restaurants and hotel points of sale will enjoy a complete digital and interactive menu where your guests can check the prices of each of their products. A complete menu that goes far beyond publishing a simple pdf online. It is a menu adapted 100% to the mobile and thus improves the guest experience. Menus are accessible from the Application itself or from a dynamic QR code.

Hotel Drinks Menu 1
Hotel Drinks Menu 2
Agenda Activities App Hoteligy
Agenda Activities App Hotel
For Activities, Events and Animation

Activity Program

The traditional animation panels are obsolete.

With our application, your guests will enjoy quick and easy access to the entire program of activities, both during the day and at night. We have a complete interactive agenda that includes images, descriptions and schedules, with programming for the next 7 days. Worried about capacity and attendance problems? Do not worry, with our application, clients have the possibility to reserve their place in advance, ensuring their participation in the activities.

Farewell to Paper Questionnaires

Surveys and Satisfaction

Avoid negative comments on online platforms and be the first to know the opinion of your clients, ensuring that they leave the hotel with a positive impression.

Our powerful survey platform allows you to collect different opinions and general ratings or direct service ratings from our application.

Automate survey delivery based on customer actions.

You can schedule them to send "3 days after you arrive at the hotel", "the day after you visit the spa or restaurant" or even "30 minutes after you check out". When the evaluation is positive, invite your customers to share their experience on popular websites such as Tripadvisor, Holiday Check or Google Review.

Hoteligy Satisfaction Surveys App
Hotel Satisfaction Surveys App
Interactive Maps Hotel App Hotel 2
Interactive Maps Hotel App Hoteligy
Plan Facilities

Interactive map

Do you still deliver paper printed maps to your reception?

With the interactive maps in our app, your guests will be able to do much more. Not only will they be able to check the location of each point of interest, but they will also be able to see their own current position on the map. Forget about paper maps and offer a more modern and convenient experience to your guests.

Control of Capacity and Availability

Reservation of Services

Thanks to our own reservation system, your clients will be able to check the availability of all the services offered by the hotel, such as restaurants, activities, spa, gyms and even excursions.

We have a complete booking engine specially designed for the hotel sector, which will automatically manage availability, quotas and schedules without the need for staff intervention.

Upselling module , during the booking process you will be able to offer recommendations for promotional products, such as bottles of wine & champagne or spa treatments, which will allow you to easily increase your income.

Reservation Restaurants App Hotel
Reservation Restaurants App Hotel Hours
App Report Incidents App Hoteligy
App Report Incidents App Hotel
Task Manager

Incident Report

Do you have a problem in your room?

Is there no hot water or the air conditioning does not work properly? Don't worry, your customers can use the hotel application to report any incident they need to resolve. Through the user area, they will be able to check the status of each reported incident and also see the notes that the hotel staff have left. The hotel staff will have a management panel from which they can keep track and manage all incidents efficiently. Thus, you can ensure that customer needs are met in a timely manner.

Complete Order Module

Room Service Orders

Your guests will not only have access to a complete digital room service menu with service hours, but they will also be able to place orders directly from the hotel application.

Our ordering platform offers a complete experience with pricing based on board type, images, descriptions and the option to indicate food allergies. Thus, your guests will be able to enjoy the convenience of choosing and requesting their food and beverage orders easily and quickly through our application.

Orders Room Service App Hoteligy
Orders Room Service App Hotel
E Concierge Requests App Hoteligy
E Concierge App Hoteligy
Task Manager

E-Concierge Requests

Do guests get confused by phone extensions?

Are the telephone lines saturated and making communication difficult? Forget those problems.

Your clients will be able to make all their requests easily from the hotel application. Whether it is to request a crib, an extra bed or a change of room, everything you can imagine is available in our E-Concierge service. Both free requests and those that imply an additional cost for the client can be managed through our platform. Your staff will have access to a single control panel where they can organize, catalog and manage all guest requests. In this way, you will ensure that all needs and requests are taken care of efficiently.

Voice Search

Integrated Search Engine

We understand that among so many features it can be easy for you and your guests to get lost when navigating the hotel app.

At Hoteligy we have thought of everything, which is why we have incorporated a powerful search engine that will allow your guests to find what they need in just a few clicks.

Just searching for terms like "Book" will show all pages or services with the option to book, such as restaurants, spa and gym. Or if you prefer to search for "Order Room Service", you will be provided with a direct link to the price list, the order module or the corresponding information page. In this way, we simplify the browsing experience so that your guests can quickly find what they are looking for in the hotel application.

Integrated Search Engine Letters App Hoteligy
Search Engine Integrated In Hoteligy App
App Notifications Markerting Instay Promo Popup
App Notifications Markerting Instay Listing
Multichannel sending, Push, Mail and PopUps

In-Stay Marketing

Our powerful multi-channel notifications module allows you to create automated marketing campaigns to drive hotel revenue with minimal effort.

You can use different communication channels, such as email, push messages or pop-ups within the application (In-App), to reach your customers effectively. With this functionality, you will be able to send personalized and segmented notifications to promote special offers, events or additional hotel services. Make the most of these communication channels to increase the participation of your customers and improve the economic performance of your establishment.

Powered by Quicktext

Chat & ChatBot Integrated

You will have a personal assistant available 24 hours a day to answer your guests' questions and requests.

Your customers will be able to easily and naturally access all the hotel information. Best of all, the hotel staff will hardly have to intervene, since our ChatBot will be in charge of answering the queries. In addition, we offer you the option of installing the ChatBot on your corporate website, which will allow you to have a sales assistant operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This tool will help you increase direct sales with little effort, since it will be available to interact with visitors and convert them into potential customers. With our personalized assistance system and the ChatBot integrated into your website, you will be able to improve the experience of your guests and increase the sales of your hotel efficiently.

Chat Bot Quicktext App Hoteligy Room Service
Chat Bot Quicktext App Hoteligy
Hoteligy 2 App User Area
Hoteligy App User Area
All Unified Requests and Procedures

User Area

We centralize all the history of reservations, incidents and requests in a single panel.

Your clients will be able to check the status of their requests, cancel reservations and make requests easily from our application for hotels. With this functionality, your clients will not have to go to or call reception to obtain information or make changes to their reservations. Everything will be at their fingertips, allowing them to manage their needs conveniently and hassle-free through the app.

The Day of Departure

Express Checkout

Give your customers the option to check the bill, their account balance, and the history of payments and charges.

To prevent this from being an obstacle to consumption, you can enable this option only 48 hours before departure. If you want to take it a step further, the APP allows payment from a mobile device thanks to our integrations with payment gateways such as Redsys or Stripe.

In this way, you will be able to avoid queues and claims at the time of checkout, since your clients will have had access to all the charges before arriving at reception. This provides transparency and convenience, allowing your customers to review and resolve any questions or discrepancies in their account prior to their departure.

App Express Checkout Invoice
App Express Checkout Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that despite having a vast amount of information available, common questions can always arise that are not fully resolved. In this space, we will dedicate ourselves to clarifying those doubts and providing clear and precise answers.  

Yes, our service does not have any obligation to stay, so you can cancel it at any time.

Normally, payments are made by bank transfer. However, if you prefer, you also have the option to pay by credit card safely and conveniently through our online platform.

Yes, from the control panel you will have total flexibility to make changes to the texts, images, add products or deactivate them. In addition, you can also adjust the prices according to your business needs and strategies. You will have full control over the configuration and customization of your platform.

We have an additional module that allows customers to place orders directly from the menu, which is ideal for table orders, hammocks or similar situations. This functionality facilitates the process of ordering food, beverages or other products from any location within the establishment, offering a convenient and efficient experience for customers.

We do not use automatic translation services. All content is translated by trained language professionals to ensure accurate and quality translation. We recognize the importance of accurate and smooth communication, which is why we make sure that all translations are done by people who are experts in the relevant language.

Do you wonder why the entire vacation sector trusts our Guest App?

The user experience, the complete functionalities, the personalization and branding, the solid integrations and the customer support are just some of the keys for which many hotels trust our Guest App.

Join them and discover why so many hotels in the sector have chosen our solution. Our Guest App is designed to improve the experience of your guests and optimize the management of your establishment. Trust us and experience the benefits that our services can bring to your hotel.

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