Digital Panels for Animation and Shows

Our digital panels show detailed schedules of shows and events, as well as relevant information about the different activities available to all guests. From dance classes and art workshops to themed events and live music nights, it's all at your fingertips.

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Digitize your Show and Animation Activity Panels

Now you can manage multiple digital animation panels remotely with our Cloud platform.

Easy Remote Management

The ability to manage the panels remotely from a Cloud platform greatly facilitates programming and updating the information.

Post Videos and Images

Enhance the magic of your hotel with exciting images of your activities and shows to attract attention and captivate your guests.

Saving Paper and Resources

By eliminating the need to print physical posters and brochures, you reduce paper consumption and contribute to caring for the environment.


Get the most out of your dashboards with our simple and effective information personalization. We adjust the content according to hours and location, offering greater relevance,

Automatic Updates

Quick and flexible changes and updates, makes it easy to adapt to special events, seasons or specific hotel needs.

Cms Panales Digites Animation Cloud

Digitize your panels

The digitization of the Shows and Entertainment Activity panels translate into a significant improvement in guest experience , an optimization of the hotel's internal management and a positive contribution to caring for the environment .


A smart investment that will help you level up whilst improving the perception of quality and modernity in your hotel with minimal effort.

Weekly Program

Show the entire program, along with each activities pictograms

The screens offer a visually attractive and accessible experience, where each activity and event is represented with clear and concise pictograms.

This way of presenting the program will allow you to have a complete and easy-to-understand view of all the options available during your clients stay. Whether it's a show, a dance class or activities for the little ones, explore all the possibilities and allow them to enjoy their time at your hotel to the fullest!

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Show Panels

Weekly Schedule of Shows

The panels show the weekly schedule of shows in a visual and clear way so that guests enjoy each day of their stay to the fullest. With pictures and concise descriptions, they will be able to plan their activities hassle-free and never miss any of your exciting shows. Let them immerse themselves in the magic of the shows and live an unforgettable experience in your hotel!

Weekly Program

Highlight what's happening

Automatically create slides announcing activities that are happening right now or starting soon, so guests don't miss out on any of the exciting things you have in store for them. Keep guests informed in real time and make sure they get the most out of all the experiences you offer during their stay at the hotel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to clear up any small doubts that might remain after having read our presentation.

You can upload both videos and images to your playlist.

The playlist will continue to work even if the device does not have internet. However, it requires internet to be able to update the content.

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