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It's time to digitize the Animation department in your hotel

Stop printing and posting posters. How much budget and, especially, how much time does the entertainment team dedicate weekly to keep the agenda updated and to inform clients about the activities that will be carried out? In this era of digitalization, we cannot forget about this department. Thank you


Advantages of digital hotel directories

Printed room directories are a thing of the past. With the arrival of smartphones and changes in guest behavior, these directories have become obsolete. We can show you why and present you with a more sustainable alternative.


5 doubts when digitizing labels

We are sure that digital labeling is the change that you need. We understand that there are many doubts about it, but today we are going to clear them up. All directors ask the same questions – what will electronic tags do for me?


Ancillary Revenue

What is Ancillary Revenue? It is a concept that was born in airlines where complementary products and services are offered in different phases of the customer journey. The Ryanair company will come to mind for all of us, which from the moment of booking, begin to offer services such as insurance, car rental...


We launch a new module – Treatments and Spa

You already know that at Hoteligy we never stop evolving our products. Seeing that the managers of the Spas and Beauty Centers had difficulties in digitizing the service, we have decided to develop a new module that meets all the requirements to help them in the management. Available as a stand-alone product ...


Advantages and differences of a WebApp and native apps

In the market there are two clear dominators if we talk about the App for hotels PWA or Web App and the Native App, many times the hotelier is unaware of the differences, advantages or disadvantages of each one when opting for an option or commissioning a development, that is why in this..


How to choose the best digital menu with a QR for your hotel or restaurant

How to choose the best digital menu with a QR for your hotel or restaurant. Today there are numerous solutions and services that offer digital or interactive menus, something that has increased significantly with the Covid-19 pandemic. Without a doubt, many of these services have a powerful and competitive platform behind them.

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