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What is Ancillary Revenue?

It is a concept that was born in airlines where complementary products and services are offered in different phases of the customer journey.

The Ryanair company will come to mind for all of us, which from the moment of booking, begin to offer services such as insurance, car rental, priority boarding or food and drink menus.

When we talk about how to increase the Revenue of hotels, we always focus on the sale of rooms. But we must not forget all the "extras" that we can sell.

It deals with the sale of additional services such as: Late Check Out, Parking, Spa, Transfers, Romantic Surprises, Excursions, In-House Experiences, etc.

These are the typical services that are not sold if the client doesn't ask for them.

The sale of these services must be promoted from the time of booking, including them in the package, at the time of arrival and obviously during the guest's stay.

As always, in these last two phases, the hotel staff plays a key role , but technology can support it .

One of the examples is to create an online store of additional services, available through the app for hotels and resorts.

In this way, on the one hand, we promote and make visible these services that often go unnoticed, and on the other hand, by selling these products through the app, we generate a positive impact on the TRevPar of the hotel .

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Digitize and enjoy the results

We know that check-in time is often not the ideal time to sell additional services, as there is usually a queue, guests arrive tired and all they want is to go to their room. 

Having digital tools in this case is very necessary, since we can make these services available to guests in a subtle and elegant way. 

We always talk about the harmony that exists between personnel and technology, because working together improves performance. The job of the receptionist in this case will be to inform the guest that they have all the information available in the App and offer a recommendation of the most attractive services.

It will be the guests themselves who access the app, discover the services and decide which ones they want to enjoy and at what time.

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Success story – Online store

Late check out, babysitting service, transfers, excursions, flower bouquets, romantic decorations in the room... These are services that the client usually demands, but with our app we can offer them proactively. Thanks to the integration with payment gateways such as Redsys or Stripe, guests can make the payment within the app.

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