Service Reservations

Improve the experience of your clients and optimize the efficiency of your staff with our practical reservation system. With just a few clicks, your guests can quickly book services, saving time and effort.  

Hotel Services Reservation Module

The reservation system that adapts to your needs

Not only will you simplify the booking process, but you will also see a significant increase in transactions.

Flexible Schedules

You will have full control over the days and times that can be reserved, applying the necessary restrictions.

Quota Control

Use the quota to establish the maximum number of people or reservations for a shift or a restaurant.

Advanced Configuration

Configure time in advance, quota per board type, courtesies and many more details. You can also automate the process.

Hotel Services Reservation Module

No Headaches

Put an end to communication problems, overbooking and endless queues at reception for service reservations! Our reservation module is the solution you were waiting for.

Surprise your clients with a smooth and hassle-free booking process. Make each experience exceptional from the first moment with our service reservations module!

Centralized Reservations

Control the status of service reservations in real time and in one place.

Custom Processes

Depending on the acommodation type, the client will have personalized messages and prices.


Take advantage of the reservation of services to sell additional products or services.

Quota Control

Make the most of every available space. Optimize your capacity and maximize your reservations with our efficient integrated quota control. With this functionality, you will never have to worry about availability again, since you will be able to accurately manage the occupation of your services in real time. This guarantees a seamless experience for each client, ensuring that everyone can enjoy your services without any hiccups.

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Courtesy Control

Forget the confusion. Our reservation module facilitates the management and control of the courtesies assigned to each guest in a simple and uncomplicated way. Keep accurate records and ensure that each guest receives the services that are due to them. With this solution, you will be able to offer an impeccable and personalized service at all times, providing an exceptional experience to your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always frequently asked questions and we want to provide clear answers to any doubts that may arise about our reservation and management system.

Of course. You can receive reservation confirmations by email, check the reservation list in our CMS or simply scan the client's QR code, as it will be automatically generated each time a service reservation is made.

Of course! Within our CMS, you will have access to a complete list of all reservations. From this platform, you will be able to keep track of reservations, change their status, make modifications or even cancel them if necessary. Our CMS provides you with all the necessary tools to efficiently and conveniently manage your reservations.

The activated permission will only be granted to certain selected users. This means that only a specific group of users will have access and authorization to use certain features or perform specific actions within the system. The permission will be restricted and controlled to guarantee the security and the correct management of the processes.

Yes, in addition to other parameters, we offer the control of minimum and maximum advance times. This means that you are in control of setting the time limits within which customers can make their reservations. You can determine the specific period in which customers will be able to make reservations, both in terms of minimum and maximum notice, according to your needs and established policies.

Yes, with our module you can also manage external reservations efficiently. Now you will be able to manage all reservations, both internal and external, from a single centralized place. Because they are fed from the same configuration, you will not have overbooking problems or allocation conflicts. This simplifies the management process and ensures a seamless experience for both the hotel and guests.

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