Task and Incident Manager

Integral platform for managing internal tasks and incidents, including guest reporting capabilities.

Task and Incident Management Module for Hotel

Management of Requests and Incidents

Optimize the management of requests and incidents with our easy-to-use and highly efficient module. Simplify the process, improve communication with your customers and increase user satisfaction.

In Real Time

Get instant updates, resolve issues instantly, and keep your customers informed in real time.

Centralized Requests

Forget the dispersion of information and disorganization. All requests are centralized in one place.


You will be able to assign, monitor and follow up on each task efficiently and in real time.

Task and Incident Management Module for Hotel

Fluid Communication

Both for the guest and for the staff. In just one click, the guest can request an additional service or report a fault, and the information will go directly to the department involved.


Now, your guests can request additional amenities, right from the convenience of their mobile device.


Our system allows the customer to report a fault immediately, for prompt maintenance resolution.


If a guest wishes to request an extra cleaning of the room, or does not want cleaning that day, they can notify it through the mobile.


Optimize the management of requests in your hotel with our module, offering your guests direct communication and a personalized service that will make a difference in their stay.

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Boost the efficiency and satisfaction of your guests with our incident module through the app, with improved quality control to offer an exceptional service in your hotel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always doubts, which is why we try to answer the most common questions about our digital Petitions and Incidents manager.

The module allows guests to report requests or incidents from the hotel's mobile application. They simply select the Incidents menu, provide details and submit the request. The hotel staff receives the notification and can handle the request efficiently.

The module can handle a wide range of requests and incidents, such as room service requests, appliance malfunctions, additional cleaning requests, needed repairs, room change requests, and more. 

Yes, the application provides real-time updates on the status of requests or reported incidents. Guests can receive notifications about any action taken by hotel staff, such as having received or resolved the request. This provides transparency and keeps the guest informed throughout the process.

The module improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in your hotel. By providing an easy-to-use platform for guests to report requests or issues, you streamline communication and reduce response time. This results in an improved guest experience, increased staff productivity, and more effective ticket and incident management overall.


It also helps increase In-Stay revenue by increasing visibility to the additional services that the hotel can offer.

Hire this module as a complement to your app or as an individual service.

Take the management of requests and incidents to another level.


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