Surveys and Guest Satisfaction

Create survey campaigns to find out customer feedback during their stay. Create simple questionnaires on multiple areas and departments. Automate your mailing with the In-Stay Marketing module.

Surveys and Satisfaction Module for Hotel

Know the opinion of your guests before they leave

Do not wait to read negative reviews on online portals! Our tool allows you to receive real-time feedback, identify areas for improvement, and take immediate action to deliver an exceptional experience.  

Feedback in Real Time

Take action before it's too late and change guest's minds if they are dissatisfied.


The graphs and statistics will help to detect the points of improvement.

Automated Mailing

Get each guest to receive the survey at the right time.

Surveys and Satisfaction Module for Hotel

Increase Positive Reviews

Automatically invite your guests to share their opinions on the main online portals (Google Review, TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck) when they provide positive ratings. Take advantage of this tool to maximize positive scores and build a better presence on online portals.

Improvement Points

Quickly detect areas for improvement and make decisions based on the results.

Surveys by Department

Segment surveys and collect accurate feedback and opinions about each department.

Fast and Easy

Your guests will be able to share their opinions quickly, intuitively and without complications.

Intuitive Surveys

We use simple response formats, such as multiple-choice options or rating scales, so your guests can express their opinions quickly and effortlessly.

In-Stay Hotel Marketing Graphic

Instant Results

You don't have to wait days or weeks to manually collect and analyze data; you can take advantage of the speed and efficiency of our platform to obtain valuable information instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always doubts, that's why we try to answer the most common questions about our survey module.

To create a custom survey, you can use the intuitive interface of the survey module of our webapp. You can add questions and select answer types (such as multiple choice, rating scale, etc.).

Yes, our webapp allows you to schedule the automatic sending of guest surveys (after check-in, before check-out, after a reservation). This ensures that you receive feedback from guests while they are still at your facility, giving you the opportunity to address any issues or concerns immediately.

Our webapp provides complete analysis and results display options. You can access results in real time, view graphical and tabular reports, and identify trends and patterns. In addition, we can integrate the results with other Dashboards that you are using in your hotel.

Yes, in addition, you can define which results you want to receive – all, or only those surveys with negative evaluations, which require instant action.

Survey results are a valuable source of information to improve your guest experience. You can analyze feedback and suggestions instantly and take corrective action. Also, by knowing the strengths and highlights, you can expand and maintain those elements in your service. Getting customer feedback has never been easier!

Hire this module as a complement to your app or as an individual service.

Take the management of satisfaction surveys to another level.


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