In-Stay Marketing and Communication

Easily create communication and marketing campaigns during the guest's stay. Create one-off mailings or automate segmented campaigns using our push notification module.

Instay Marketing Module

Guest communication easier than ever

Our In Stay Marketing module allows you to communicate instantly and efficiently with your guests, without the need to print posters or make tedious calls. 


Instantly interact with your customers, offering quick responses, personalized attention and the opportunity to surprise them in real time.


Take advantage of this powerful function to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, generate greater engagement and create unique experiences.

PMS Integration

The integration gives you the ability to send personalized messages to whoever you want, whenever you want, optimizing your marketing efforts and improving the customer experience.

Instay Marketing Module

Automated Campaigns

You will be able to create and run campaigns automatically, saving time and effort. From personalized welcome messages to reservation reminders and special offers, our automated tool takes care of sending the right messages at the right time.  

You decide when.

Our push notification module offers programmed campaigns for certain circumstances. After check-in, before check-out, before or after a reservation.

You decide who.

To all guests, to a single room, to a type n type or to clients staying in the standard room.

You decide what.

Our module allows you to send persuasive campaigns with images, videos, messages and external links.

Communication Channels

Discover a new way to connect with your guests and strengthen your relationships with them. You will be able to reach your customers at the right time and place.

Graphic Application Hotel

Analytics and Monitoring

It provides metrics and analysis on the performance of marketing campaigns, allowing you to assess their impact and make strategic adjustments in real time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always doubts, that's why we try to answer the most common questions about our Room Service digital manager.

The In Stay Marketing module can boost your guest satisfaction, strengthen the relationship with them, optimize your marketing efforts, save time through automation and provide valuable information for strategic decision making. And most importantly, thanks to this module you will be able to sell more of your services.

Our module is intuitive and easy to use, even for those with no technical marketing background. We have a friendly interface that will guide you through the campaign creation process.


In addition, we offer support and training resources to help you get the most out of the tool.

No, there are options for various communication channels. In addition to notification within the web app, we can also send you the same message by Push notification or by email, ensuring greater visibility.

Push notifications allow apps or websites to communicate directly and effectively with users, even when they don't have the app open.

This allows users to receive important or relevant updates without having to constantly check the app or website.

It is important to mention that users have the ability to enable or disable push notifications on their devices. 

Hire this module as a complement to your app or as an individual service.

Take communication with guests to another level.

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