Online Pre-Check-In

Optimize the registration process at your hotel or resort with our online pre-check-in service. You will be able to offer your guests a faster, more efficient and personalized check-in experience.

Online Pre Checkin Module For Hotel

Guarantee an impeccable first impression

Speed ​​up the registration of your guests and improve their experience from the first moment with our online pre-check-in service.


Turn the registration process into a lightning-fast and hassle-free experience.


Reduce queues, streamline the check-in process, and allow your staff to focus on delivering quality service.

OCR scanner

They will be able to scan their identification document, using the camera of their mobile device.

Online Pre Checkin Module For Hotel

Integrations with PMS

Thanks to integration with most PMS and OCR recognition, guests will be able to complete the entire process with just a few clicks. 

1. Locate the reservation

Guests will be able to access their reservation with the locator.

2. Scan the document

Take a photo of the document from your mobile phone.

3. Done

Save and enjoy the benefits of digitization.

Advantages for the Guest

The registration process will be more pleasant, since there will be no time wasted waiting in line. They will begin their experience in the hotel in a calmer and more enjoyable way.

Online Checkin Chart

Advantages for the Hotel

Instead of scanning documents and entering new customer details, receptionists can devote themselves to warmly welcoming guests.

Hotel Process Improvement Graphic

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always doubts, which is why we try to answer the most common questions about our Online Pre Check-In module.

Online pre check-in allows guests to complete the registration process prior to their arrival at the hotel or resort. Guests provide their personal information by scanning their identity documents. This information is automatically sent to the hotel's PMS.

To promote the use of online pre-check-in, you can communicate its benefits through your website, reservation confirmation emails or any other communication channel with guests. In addition, you can encourage its use by offering exclusive advantages, such as priority check-in, access to special promotions or free additional services when using this option.

No, not with everyone, but with the main players in the market yes. We have a wide base of integrations.


In any case, even if we do not have the integration, we can always develop it upon request.

Hire this module as a complement to your app or as an individual service.

Take the check-in process to another level.


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