Interactive Totems and Kiosks

Fully automated terminal with integrated advanced functions. Its large screen makes it a perfect marketing tool for driving upselling and reservations for restaurants, Balinese beds and other products or services.

Photo Interactive Totems For Hotel

The most complete platform for Interactive Screens and Kiosks on the market.

Discover the main features of our interactive kiosks

Online / Offline

Our platform allows the Totem to work offline for all non-critical informational content. Internet access is only necessary for reservations, orders or advanced modules.

OS on Linux

Our terminals operate under an adapted and optimized version of Linux, a platform with guaranteed stability,

PMS Integration

Integrable with almost all PMS on the market. We have our own API, but if your PMS allows it, we can connect to it at no additional cost to you.

Integrated Printer

We incorporate a ticket printer so that customers can take a receipt or proof of their procedures.

NFC Reader

We incorporate an NFC Reader, thanks to which, users can use the room key or bracelet to identify themselves comfortably.


If you wish, we have custom manufacturing, which allows us to personalize the aesthetics of the terminal so that it fits with the decoration of the hotel.

Management Panel Cms Hoteligy App

Powerful CMS Manager for cloud management.

Manage all the content of the Kiosks or interactive screens comfortably from the browser. You can control all the information published with just a few clicks, and you can also share information published in the Guest APP .

Advanced Features

Enhance the utility of the Totem with our operating modules and get the most out of your investment.

Self Recovery

The operating system allows you to create a read-only image that gives the device the ability to self-recover in case of failure.

Quality Screens

We only work with screens for professional use certified to operate 24/7 and with a brightness suitable for bright spaces.

Advantages for the Hotel

The implementation of a totem offers greater efficiency at check-in, reduces operating costs and erros, enables 24/7 access and personalization, promotes services, offers data analysis and a modern image for hotel guests.

Dashboard Feature 1 V2

Advantages for the Guest

Guests will be able to choose their preferred language, select additional services or even receive personalized recommendations on local activities and hotel services.

Dashboard Feature 2

Frequently Asked Questions

A little additional information will help to eliminate any initial doubts.

Yes, at Hoteligy we can provide you with both the Software (our specialty) and the hardware. You can purchase it in renting format, where hardware, content, software and warranty are already included – as in sale.

Yes, we have a flexible rate that includes the rental of the terminal, the software fees and even the content management and guarantees.

The device can continue to work even if there is no internet in the hotel. However, to update content, an internet connection is necessary. Some advanced functions such as reservations also require the internet.

Yes, thanks to the Hoteligy Cloud platform you will be able to manage and update the content of the devices completely remotely.

Our platform is based on Linux, which provides greater stability to the system. However, in specific cases it can also be installed under Windows.

Yes, our totems screen is tactile, which allows hotel guests to interact comfortably with the screen.

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