Room Service Order Manager

Comprehensive tool for the correct management of Room Service orders. Parameterize the service to self-regulate the workflow that your team can support.

Room Service Order Module

Elevate your Room Service system to another level

Boost the efficiency and satisfaction of your guests with our digital Room Service manager.

Optimize Management

Simplify and streamline the food and beverage ordering process at your hotel, allowing your customers to make requests from their rooms quickly and easily.

Reduce Errors

Potential misunderstandings and errors caused by verbal communication are eliminated. Guests can clearly select and specify their orders directly in the system.

Best Experience

Guests can place orders from the comfort of their rooms, without the need to call or physically leave their room, by browsing interactive digital menus.

Room Service Order Module

Simplifies Daily Operations

Interactive menus, reduced wait times, order accuracy, and real-time tracking will help deliver an exceptional room service experience for guests and hoteliers alike.


For room service orders, specify fixed supplements or the number of diners.


Guarantee the safety and peace of mind of your guests by being able to provide detailed information about their allergies.


Ensures efficient control over the number of orders allowed per guest or per time period.

Interactive Menu

Discover the innovation of our interactive menu module, where guests can intuitively explore dish options, view detailed descriptions and appetizing photos.

Graphic Application Hotel

Control of Orders

Receive and manage requests quickly and accurately. With real-time updates and comprehensive order history, your staff can provide faster service and improve customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always doubts, that's why we try to answer the most common questions about our Room Service digital manager.

In addition to email notification, our system is prepared for hotel operations. Thanks to a sound emitter, every time a new order enters, the system will start to sound, until someone approaches the computer and attends to the request.

Yes, our Room Service module allows you to manage payments through the guest's mobile. We have different payment options and we also have integration with Redsys and Stripe, the main payment gateways.

The system allows you to manage different statuses of the order. At the time of delivery it will be possible to collect the client's signature and issue the ticket with the saved signature. There will be no claims at reception for expenses that do not belong to them.

Yes, every time the staff update the order status, the guest will receive a real-time information.

Of course, in the new CMS all orders will be registered, so that they can always access and obtain reports corresponding to Room Service services.

Hire this module as a complement to your app or as an individual service.

Take the management of your Room Service to another level.


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