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Today Today there are numerous solutions and services that offer digital or interactive charts, something that has increased notably with the Covid-19 pandemic, undoubtedly many of these services have behind a powerful and competitive platform that provides added value, but unfortunately in many cases we find solutions that do not contribute anything, and that have been limited to offering a QR code and an online PDF. If we take a tour of the restaurants in the area, we will mainly find the second case.

I think there are two very different ways of understanding the digitization or digital transformation. On the one hand, converting something physical into an electronic document (It is enough to scan a letter to convert it into digital) to be able to say that we have digitized something (it is a way of seeing it, although I do not share it), from my point of view of the concept of digitization or digital transformation has to go a little further.

If we digitize a document or information by transferring what we already had on paper, we are making a big mistake, we are wasting all the benefits that digitization can offer, and all the advantages offered by being able to consume information from a mobile device. Although a pdf is a portable document, it is not a document that has been designed to be consumed on mobile devices, and even less so, when we are using the design of a letter in A4 format. A mobile device and the web offer almost endless possibilities that can help improve the user experience much more than just a simple pdf.

When we digitize something, we must focus on digitizing the processes and content, not just the document.

Only then can we get the most out of the information.
e-Menu digital and interactive menu

What should a good card system have?

We give you all the keys, discover all the potential of the digitization of a letter.

At Hoteligy we always try to level up, to offer something different, that is why today we have one of the most complete platforms for letters and QR codes on the market, let's see why.

Adapted content

Digitize all the content separately, which allows us to have a Responsive letter that adapts to the screen of each device, thus being able to consult the information without the need to zoom, being able to use the mobile with just one hand.

Filterable by categories

Each dish or product is associated with a category, which subsequently allows the user to filter by what they are really looking for or need. You will be able to consult only the desserts, or only the red wines without having to get lost among the content. All from a carousel of categories located at the bottom, easily accessible with the thumb.

Integrated search engine

Does the user want to find a dish with Sea Fruits or mushrooms? no problem using the search engine, just type the word Frutos de Mar and only all the products that include that word in the title or description will be displayed, if I want to search for pizzas that have mushrooms, more of the same, write Mushroom in the search engine and we will see all the pizzas with that ingredient.

Custom images

We can upload personalized images that represent each category, this will make our menu a little more visual, but if we also want to level up, we can also put personalized photos of each dish. "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Multi-language with automatic detection.

Do you have clients who speak different languages? no problem we support 11 languages, from Catalan to Chinese.
We hate the language selection flags, that is why the platform will automatically detect the user's language (their mobile) to show the letter in their language directly, if we do not have the letter translated in their language, it will be displayed by default in English, as the language more international.


Each avocado or product has its own description, which may well be its ingredients or food preparation, such as the type of grape or origin in the case of wines.

Additionally, we can add a brief description or informative text under the title of the category or section.

Allergens per plate with their icons

We help you to comply with the EU Regulation 1169/2011, from our platform you can easily associate allergens to each product, by clicking on each icon the user will be able to see the meaning of each icon in their own language. In addition, we also include icons for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free or Spicy, for religions we also have a pig icon.

Product Variations

In a restaurant many times we find the same product that is sold in different portions or measures, to avoid having to create multiple products, we have incorporated an option of variations, which, among other cases, allows you to show:

  • The same wine, in price per glass, bottle of 350 or 750ml.
  • Beer in Jug or bottle.
  • That portion of tapas with the price of a full or half portion.

Notifications by menu

There is always something to communicate to the customer, be it a promotion, a star product or a reduced schedule. That is why when entering each letter you will have the possibility of adding a personalized notification that will appear in the client's own language.

Multi-Rate per product

In a hotel we find multiple rates depending on the client's Regime, that is why we offer an easy way to associate different prices to each product.

Multiple cards in one place

A restaurant or point of sale always has several menus (Wines, Drinks, Desserts, Children's, general ...) offering a different QR code for each one would end up being a mess, and putting all the products under the same menu even more. For this reason we have created an index, which is accessed from the QR code and where all the letters are listed, being able to jump from one letter to another easily.

Order module

Thanks to the order module, customers can process orders directly from the letter, Orders, Buffet ... each order will go directly through the assigned ticket printer or printer.

Own Management Panel

Everything on the customer side, it looks very nice, right? but it improves even when you know the management panel, where you can comfortably manage all the letters, all the products and their prices. Is a product out of stock, is there no dish? do not worry with two simple clicks you can deactivate the product of the customer letter and reactivate it when you can offer it again.

About hoteligy

At Hoteligy we have been helping hotels around the world to digitize processes and information for the guest for years. By implementing the right tools, we try to help the hotelier save time and costs, while promoting the sale of in-stay products and services. 

If you need more information about Hoteligy or have doubts about the digitization of your hotels, do not hesitate to contact Néstor Toledo

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