Restaurant Digital Menu

Digital and interactive menu with QR and Orders

It is one of the most praised functions of our Web App for hotels and Resorts and we now offer it independently for Restaurants, Buffet, and Spas.

Your restaurant or business will be able to offer customers the same menu and user experience that the large hotel chains already offer in their hotels in Spain and the Caribbean.

When arriving at your premises, after the decoration and the staff, the product menu is possibly your best letter of introduction, and an online PDF, which is not adapted to mobile devices, is not the best option. Discover now the Hoteligy e-Menu.

Digital Menu Restaurant with QR

Discover the main features

of our Digital Menu for restaurants

11 languages

We offer a multilingual platform with automatic detection of the client's language.


Your customers will not have to download anything. Everything accessible, instantly, from a personalized QR code.

Description and Allergies

Add a description to each category and product. Also include the icons for each allergen.

Features digital menu for restaurants


Display a notification or additional information when accessing each letter

Multiple Cards

You can offer in the same place and QR, the Wine, Drinks, Desserts or food menus. Each one with its categories and information.


You can customize the color, logo and background of your menu to adapt it to the image of your restaurant or business.

QR code for multiple letters
With a custom index.

A restaurant needs to have several separate menus, Wines, Desserts, Children or food. Unifying all this in the same menu usually complicates the client, that is why with Hoteligy's digital menu you can offer an index or personalized entry page where the client will comfortably access the desired menu, being able to change from one menu to another.

Custom image and description.

Organize all dishes into individual and custom categories, each category will have its own title, description and custom header image. 

Your customers will have the ability to search and filter products by category so they don't have to scroll endlessly between all the dishes and products offered.

Filterable digital letter by categories
Digital letter with product variations
Same product with different measures.

Assign different prices on the same product of the size of the plate, Measure of the Bottle?

For example, you can easily and in the same product offer croquettes in a full portion at one price and in a half portion at another.

Does your restaurant offer wine by the glass and in bottles of different sizes? Don't worry, with our digital menu for restaurants you can easily list the price of wine by the glass, in a 750ml bottle and in Magnum.

Individual prices per product

The same place or restaurant can have different rates depending on the time or day of the week, or even special prices for members.

Thanks to the multi-rate option of our digital menu, you can add as many rates as you need and specify a different price for each of them.

Digital letter with multiple rates
Digital letter with photos
Full description and product photos

Apart from the name of the dish or product, customers always like to know a little more about what they are going to order. Therefore, apart from the title in different languages, you can specify a brief description of the dish and upload a personalized image of it. "A picture is worth a thousand words".

We can take advantage of the description to show the ingredients of the dish or in the case of wines, to show the type of grape or denomination of origin of the same.

If you have very elaborate dishes, Asian food or a signature cocktail menu, it is always a good idea to add a photo of it. your customers will be able to conveniently identify what they want to order.

We help you comply with the EU Regulation 1169/2011

In the card of each dish you can select between different pre-established icons that will help the diner to discover more details about the recipe. By clicking on each icon, the client will be able to discover its meaning in their language and without having to decipher a complicated table or legend.

Apart from the 14 allergens by law, icons for Vegetarian, Vegan, Spicy, Gluten Free or pork are also included.

Digital menu with allergens
Digital chart with integrated search engine
Search by name and description

The menu of a good restaurant can be very extensive and sometimes when a customer wants to eat something very specific it becomes difficult to find what they are looking for.

With the integrated search engine, diners will be able to carry out specific searches based on the name of the product or ingredient.

A simple search for mushrooms will show us all the pizzas that include mushrooms among their ingredients. Seafood, will show us all the seafood pasta.

Ideal for discounts and recommendations

Include personalized messages and notifications for each letter, ideal for including specific discounts, promotions or any relevant information.

Add a category of Chef's Suggestions or recommendations to highlight certain products that are not always on the menu and can rotate from day to day.

Digital letter with notifications
Digital restaurant menu with orders
The automated command has arrived.

Allow your customers to place orders from the device itself. Each order will automatically appear on the screen and through the predefined ticket printer.

The module includes a feature to indicate service hours and preparation time. They can only order breakfast at the specified time and cocktails, better only in the evening. 

Manage your menu from any computer

In the daily operations of a restaurant, unforeseen events always arise that force us to modify the available product offer. From the control panel you can easily make all the changes you need, be it price, description or images.

Have you run out of stock of a certain wine or can't find bluefin tuna on the market? With two clicks you can remove from the customer's view those products that you cannot offer.

Self-manageable panel for digital charts

Horeca e-Menu

By point of sale
.00 /month*
  • Unlimited Menus
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited languages
  • Auto Language Detection
  • Personalized QR Code.
  • SSL certificate
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Upgrades
  • Email Support
  • Self-manageable panel
  • Orders Module
  • Booking engine

Orders e-Menu

By point of sale
.00 /month*
  • Unlimited Menus
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Languages.
  • Auto Language Detection
  • Personalized QR Code.
  • SSL certificate
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Upgrades
  • Email Support
  • Self-manageable panel
  • Orders Module
  • Booking engine

Optional modules

Table Reservation

Online booking engine with availability control by schedule.

Finished Work

We load all the products and structure so that you do not have complications.


We offer special discounts for franchises or owners with more than 5 restaurants.

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