Management of SPA and Wellness centers

The first management module for SPAs and Wellness centers for hotels that cares about center operations and guest self-management.

Spa and Wellness Center Management Module

Easy and intuitive management of treatment reservations

Complete module for the absolute and effective management of treatment reservations. 

The guest can now book directly from the WebApp, consulting the availability in real time.

Multiple Agendas

Take control of multiple agendas or cabins and know at all times the availability of each employee and the volume of reserved treatments.

Time optimization

Let our system work for you. Avoid downtime between appointments that you will be unable to fill with another service.

Multiple Rates

Manage multiple rates depending on whether they are external clients of the hotel or housed guests. You can even customize them according to your hosting plan.

Spa and Wellness Center Management Module

Direct Bookings to Sell More

An easy and friendly interface allows your customers to easily check information, availability and prices. Guests can comfortably book their treatments with just a few clicks, without having to call or go to the center.


The easier it is, the better conversion and, therefore, better sales and income.

Control of Closures

Allows you to create product closures at a selected time or date. In addition, it blocks schedules or entire days of one or different employees.

Commission Calculation

It allows you to assign commissions to each employee and automatically calculate them based on the treatments performed.

Instant Notifications

Both the guests and the staff will always be informed. Receive and send automated notifications every time a new reservation enters or a client's reservation is cancelled.

Advantages for the Hotelier

Greater control and optimization of the resources and availability of each cabin or masseuse. All unified management in a single modular tool. Greater visibility.

Graphic Advantages Hotel Spa Management

Advantages for the Guest

All the information available to the client. They no longer have to make phone calls or wait at the reception to enjoy a treatment. In addition, they can consult the menu and the services in their own time.

Graphic Advantages Guest Spa Management

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always doubts, that's why we try to answer the most common questions about our SPA reservation and management system.

Yes, the platform allows you to manage different menus, call it a hairdresser, massage centers... Each one will have its products, cabins, employees and durations assigned. You will have a specific calendar in each letter.

Yes! The standard module is integrated and optimized for hotel guests, but you have a portal to accept external reservations and manage all reservations from a single panel.

Yes, you can charge the total treatment or just a percentage. We have different integrations for the management of these payments – Payment at Reception, Charge in room, or online payment with credit cards (Redsys, Getnet, Stripe …)

The platform has different allocation algorithms, so that reservations are assigned giving priority to one employee over another, equally or randomly.

Yes, apart from the estimated time of each treatment (what the client sees), the system allows adding an additional buffer or block in the calendar for disinfection of the room or preparation of the cabin.

Yes, the system allows you to manage as many cabins or employees as you need. We have hotels managing more than 30 cabins.

Yes, for each product or treatment different variations can be added with different prices and durations.

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