Interactive Kiosks

The most complete interactive platform

Fully automated terminal with advanced integrated functions; its large screen makes it a perfect marketing tool to boost the upselling and encourage reservations for restaurants, Balinese beds, and other products or services.

We have a powerful cloud platform for the management and administration of interactive Totems for the hotel, with exclusive functions adapted to the sector.

Totems and Interactive Kiosks for Hotels

Discover the main features

of our interactive kiosks

11 Languages

Support for up to 11 languages, with the possibility of translating the content instantly without changing the page.

OS on Linux

Our terminals operate under an adapted and optimized version of Linux. a platform with guaranteed stability

Integrated Printer

We incorporate a ticket printer so that customers can take a receipt or proof of their procedures.

Interactive Totem Home Screen

NFC reader

We incorporate an NFC Reader, thanks to which users can use the room key or bracelet to identify themselves comfortably.


If you wish, we have custom manufacturing that allows us to customize the aesthetics of the terminal so that it fits in with the hotel's decoration.

PMS Integration

Integrable with almost all PMS on the market. We have our own API, but if your PMS allows it, we connect to them at no additional cost to you.

Use cases

and list of advanced functions

Our interactive platform for touch terminals and interactive kiosks share functionalities with our Web APP for Hotels and Resorts. Click on the button to know in detail all the possibilities of our platform, in addition the App would be a perfect complement for the Totem

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