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The most complete and flexible app on the market

The Web App version of our platform allows your guests to have all the information and services of the Hotel at the moment and without the need for downloads. After connecting to the venue's Wi-Fi network, the App will be your best welcome letter.

Thanks to the application for hotels, you will be able to improve communication with your guests and increase your in-stay sales. 

Hoteligy Hotels and Resorts Web App

Discover the main features

of our small app for Hotels

11 Languages

Support for up to 11 languages, in addition, the app will automatically detect the client's language, thus improving the user experience.


The best of the web with the experience of a native APP, ideal for the Hotel sector where information is consumed instantly.

QR scanner

Regardless of the operating system or brand of the mobile, in our app all QRs are scanned in the same way thanks to your QR reader.

Home page app hotels and resorts


A new way of communicating with the guest, Sending notifications and marketing campaigns in-Stay in an automated way.


Fully customizable to comply with the corporate guide, Fonts and Colors of the hotel. We'll get along with marketing.

PMS Integration

Integrable with almost all PMS on the market. We have our own API but if your PMS allows it, we connect to them at no additional cost to you.


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Before arrival

Allow your customers to conveniently pre-check in from their mobile devices even before arrival.

Thanks to the integration with most PMS and OCR recognition, guests will be able to complete the entire process with just a few clicks. 

Already at the hotel you can considerably reduce waiting times with the same staff and thus avoid tedious queues at reception.

pre checkin online reservation - Hoteligy
pre checkin online ocr - Hoteligy
Digital room directory in hotel app
Digital room directory in hotel app
In the rooms

Digital Directory

With our APP for hotels you can say goodbye to the classic paper room directory.

Centralize all the information relevant to the stay and room in our application for hotels. Visual information, correctly cataloged and available in up to 11 languages.

At the points of sale

Say goodbye to paper menus, with our app for hotels, the restaurants and points of sale of the hotel will enjoy a complete digital and interactive menu where your guests can check the prices of each of their products. A complete menu that goes far beyond publishing a simple pdf online, a menu adapted to mobile 100% and that improves the guest experience.

Menus accessible from the Application itself or from a dynamic QR code.

Digital Card Index in hotel app
Digital drinks menu in hotel app
Interactive activities agenda in hotel app
Activity scheduling and animation in app
For events and entertainment

Activities Program

Animation panels are a thing of the past. From the application, your guests will have quick and easy access to the entire program of activities, both day and night. A complete interactive agenda, with images, description, and schedules with the programming for the next 7 days.

Capacity and assistance problems? Don't worry, with our app customers will have the possibility to reserve a place in advance.

Goodbye to paper questionnaires

Avoid negative opinions on online platforms, know before anyone else the opinion of your customers and ensure that when they leave the hotel they do so with a positive opinion.

Thanks to our powerful survey platform you can collect from the app, different opinions and generalized ratings or by service.

Automate survey delivery based on customer actions. “Within 3 days of arrival at the hotel”, “the day after visiting the spa or restaurant” or simply 30 minutes after checking out.

When the feedback is positive, invite your customers to share the experience on portals such as Tripadvisor, Holiday Check or Google Review

Questionnaire and ratings in hotel app
Satisfaction surveys in hotel app
Point of interest on interactive map in hotels app
Interactive hotel map in app
Facilities Plan

Does your front desk still spend the day handing out paper maps? Thanks to the interactive maps of the application, your guests will not only be able to check the location of each point of interest, but they will also be able to see their current position on the map.

Control of capacity and availability


Thanks to its own reservation system, your clients will be able to check the availability of any of the services offered at the hotel «Restaurants, Activities, Spa, Gyms or even excursions».

A complete reservation engine developed specifically for the hotel sector will automatically manage availability, quotas and time slots without the intervention of staff.

Thanks to upselling module, during the reservation process you can recommend promotional products such as bottles of Wine, Champagne or spa treatments, easily increasing your revenue

Availability of restaurant reservation in hotel app
Hours available in restaurant reservation app hotel
Initiations report from hotel app
List and incidents in hotel app
Simple task manager

Problems in the room? No hot water or air conditioner not working? Don't worry, your clients will be able to use the hotel's application to report all the incidents they need. Thanks to the user area, they will be able to consult the status of each one of them or the possible notes that the hotel staff may have left.

The hotel staff will be able to control and manage all incidents from the management panel.

Complete order module

Room Service

Your guests will not only have access to a complete digital Room Service Menu and service hours, but they will also be able to place orders from the hotel's own app. A complete ordering platform, with prices according to regimen, images, descriptions and allergies.

Room service products in hotel app
Room service orders from the hotel app
econcierge requests from hotel app
econcierge list services from hotel app
Simple task manager

Are your clients lost between so many extension numbers? Are the phone lines saturated?

Forget about these problems, your clients will be able to make all the requests easily from the hotel application. Whether to request a cot, an extra bed or a change of room. Everything you can imagine has a place in our E-Concierge service, whether they are free requests or at an additional cost for the client.

Your staff will be able to organize, catalog and manage all guest requests from a single control panel

Yes, we know! Most likely you have gotten lost among so many functions, so it is very likely that your guests also get lost browsing your hotel application.

At Hoteligy we have thought of everything and that is why we have incorporated a powerful search engine that will allow your guests to find what they need with just a few clicks.

Search for "Reserve" and you will see all the pages/services with the possibility of reservation (Restaurants, Spa, Gym...) or if you prefer, "Ask for Room Service" will show you a direct link to the price list, the order module or the informative page.

Digital menu integrated in hotel app
Search engine integrated in hotel app
Notifications Marketing app hotel
PopUp hotel app notifications
Multichannel delivery, Push, Mail and PopUps

Thanks to our powerful multi-channel notification module you can create automated marketing campaigns aimed at improving hotel revenue with little effort. Email, Push Messages or Popups In APP are some of the communication channels available.

Create campaigns for a specific segment based on the accommodation plan or the type of room reserved and make the message reach the right customer. If you prefer, you can also send a message to a specific room or to the entire hotel.

Configure the campaign so that it is activated following a certain pattern or rule. For example, 24 hours after Check-In, hours before Check-Out, the day after having dined at an à la carte restaurant or simply after enjoying the SPA.

Imagine being able to automatically send a room upgrade offer to all guests who are staying in Double Standard and have been in the hotel for 12 hours or simply send a personalized survey 6 hours after having dined in a themed restaurant.

A personal assistant will always be on hand to respond to questions and requests from your guests. Customers will be able to comfortably access all the hotel information in a comfortable and natural way. All this with little intervention from the hotel staff, we also give you the option of installing the ChatBot on the corporate website and thus have a 24/7 operational sales assistant with which you can increase direct sales with little effort.

Enjoy the Freemium version at no additional cost

Upgrade to the Premium Plan to unlock the full potential of one of the best Hospitality Chatbots on the market and also enjoy the Messenger Hub with integration for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Chatbot in hotel room service app
Chatbot in hotel app
Chatbot hotel widget
Reservation area in hotel app
List of reservations in hotel app
All requests and unified procedures.

We unify all the history of reservations, incidents and requests under the same panel. Your clients will be able to check the status of their requests or cancel reservations and requests easily from our hotel app.

All this without having to approach or call reception.

Offer your customers the possibility of consulting the invoice, account balance as well as the history of payments and charges.

To prevent it from being a stopper when consuming, you can enable it only 48 hours before departure.

If you want to go a little further, even allow mobile payment thanks to integrations with payment gateways such as Redsys or Stripe.

Avoid queues and complaints at the time of checkout, your customers will have already had access to all charges before reaching reception.

express checkout invoice - Hoteligy
express checkout payment - Hoteligy


Unlock the full potential
  • Pre Check-in Online **
  • Express Checkout **
  • Pages and Categories
  • Rooms Directory
  • Interactive e-Menu with QR
  • Room Service Orders **
  • Incidents & E-Concierge **
  • Table Reservation / Services **
  • Weather forecast
  • Hotel Map
  • Automated In App Surveys
  • PMS Integration
  • Agenda Activities
  • Activity Reservation
  • ChatBot Freemium
  • Custom Domain
  • In-Stay Marketing**

Optional modules

Optional Module

Optional modules for which you will only pay if you really need them, thus helping to reduce the monthly fee. Price depending on the number of rooms

Finished Work

We take care of the initial loading so you can enjoy a Professional look.
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Customized appearance according to the Corporate Design Guide. "Logos, Colors and Typography."
Single payment ???

  • All plans are subject to a one-time Start-up payment.

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