We launched a new module – Treatments and Spa

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We launched a new module for SPA's

You already know that at Hoteligy we never stop evolving our products. Seeing that the managers of the Spas and Beauty Centers had difficulties in digitizing the service, we have decided to develop a new module that meets all the requirements to help them in the management.

Available as a stand-alone product or as an add-on module in our web app for hotels and resorts, it is a complete solution that adapts perfectly to daily operations and takes into account the peculiarities of the business.

A flexible solution designed to easily manage supply and pricing, bookings, client schedules, multi-employee treatment bookings, and staffing.


What are the functionalities?

At Hoteligy we always try to level up, to offer something different. Some of the most outstanding features are:

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Reservations through the app

Offering guests the possibility of booking treatments through the app not only improves the customer experience, but also has no direct impact on billing. By giving it more visibility, and with the possibility of promoting some treatments, we increase sales. Clients will be able to book treatments thanks to a booking engine developed specifically for the sector. Our booking engine manages availability, quotas and time slots. All this automatically and without staff intervention. If you want to go a little further, it even allows payment from your mobile phone thanks to integrations with payment gateways such as Redsys or Stripe.

centralized management

Configure, operate and manage very easily from a single Back-Office all the operations of your Wellness establishment. Being a Cloud platform, you can access it from any browser. Our module allows you to manage the availability of your team. Organize your shifts, breaks, days off, vacations, or even preferences when booking. Organizing the employees' day will no longer be a difficult task.

schedule control

In the backend, a powerful calendar view is offered so that hotel staff can see the entire weekly schedule at a glance - for all cabins or employees. From the same view you can modify the duration of a reservation, its schedule, day or even assign it to another employee / booth.

Advanced configuration

The system is capable of contemplating not only the duration of the treatment itself, but also a ?buffet time? or additional time for preparation or disinfection of the cabin. It also allows parameterizing treatments that require two employees, to block in these cases the two calendars with a single treatment.

Managing a SPA has never been so easy.

About Hoteligy

At Hoteligy we have been helping hotels around the world for years to digitize processes and information for the guest. By implementing the right tools, we try to help hoteliers save time and costs, while promoting the sale of in-stay products and services. 

If you need more information about Hoteligy or have questions about the digitization of your hotels, do not hesitate to contact our team

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