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In the market there are two clear dominators if we talk about App for PWA hotels or Web App and Native AppYes, many times the hotelier does not know the differences, advantages or disadvantages of each one when deciding on an option or commissioning a development, so in this post we are going to spend a little time explaining it carefully.
The end of Web App o PWA is not new, although it is true that in recent years it has been gaining ground, largely thanks to Google and the support it is providing. The first time we heard about a Web APP was specifically in the presentation of the first iPhone, when it did not yet have its own app store, although it is true that, with the arrival of the official Apple application store, it was leaving in the background the support of the Web App.
The big differences between a Web App and a Native App lie in the programming language used, although in PWA or Web App we use traditional languages such as HTML, JavaScript and Css, in native apps we have to stick to the default language of each operating system, such as Swift in the case of iOS, or Java or Kotlin in the case of Android.
As we can see with a Web App, we can use traditional languages of the Web, whatever the operating system, which gives us quite a large cost and time savings in development, however, we are going to list the main differences point by point.

Web App Security

  • Native Apps must always pass a filter to be published in the app store.
  • PWAs must make HTTPS connections in order to work properly, so it maintains the same level of security as any corporate website.

Installation of the Web App

  • Native apps must be installed from the APP Store of each operating system, once installed they consume a lot of space on the client's mobile.
  • The Web App can be easily installed from the browser, or using a simple QR code, the great advantage is that they hardly consume space on the client's mobile phone since almost everything resides on servers and only the cache is kept on the mobile

Speed and user experience

  • In general, a native APP will always offer greater speed by having a large part of its content stored on the device itself.
  • Well-developed PWAs offer a user experience very similar to a native APP and, thanks to the use of service worker and background caching, they also offer great speed.

Offline Navigation

  • The Native apps have all the content stored on the client's device so they can be used without problem in airplane mode or without coverage.
  • Web APPs store all their content in the cloud, however, once the app has been visited and the ServiceWorkers installed, they cache all the information on the guest's device so that later information can be consulted even without an internet connection. . In addition, from Hoteligy we offer the possibility of installing a local server in the hotel, so that all the traffic from the Wi-Fi is served from the hotel and all the traffic from the mobile network is served from our servers.


  • In a native app, any important change in the platform requires an update from the iOS or Android App store, so we can have users with different versions of the app.
  • With a PWA or Web App, all updates are at the server level, so as soon as we enter the app we will always have the latest version available without having to perform manual updates.


  • With a native app we cannot link the content easily and to view any content the user must first download the app.
  • In a Web APP all the content is available immediately from any web browser, without having to install or download the app, we can also easily link any part of its content from any web.

About hoteligy

At Hoteligy we have been helping hotels around the world to digitize processes and information for the guest for years. By implementing the right tools, we try to help the hotelier save time and costs, while promoting the sale of in-stay products and services. 

If you need more information about Hoteligy or have doubts about the digitization of your hotels, do not hesitate to contact Néstor Toledo

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